Data Work Sheets &
Survey Procedures

Data Worksheets

24 Hour Rainfall Guide

This guide is used to find the prior 24 hours of rainfall in your stormwater survey area.

Water Quality Test Strip Datasheet

For use during outfall monitoring as test for chemical and heavy metal concentrations.

YSI & Turbidity Datasheet

For use with outfall monitoring when using the YSI and Turbidity meters.

Bacteria Datasheet

For use with outfall water sample collection, processing, and analysis.

Odor & Visual Indicators Worksheet

This document will guide a volunteer in their assessment of the strong smells or unusual appearance of stormwater around or near an outfall pipe.

YSI Calibration Worksheet

This document assists a volunteer during the YSI instrument calibration process.

Outfall Site and Safety Form

When a new outfall is considered, this form guides a volunteer in their assessment for the safety of access by other volunteers.


Field Survey Procedure - Including YSI, Turbidity and Test Strips

Bacteria Lab Procedure

Turbidity Meter Use/Calibration Instructions

YSI ProPlus Calibration Procedure

Photo Box Procedure for sending worksheets to database manager